Welcome to RV School!

Childhood is all about innocence, liveliness, and happiness. With this in mind, we, at R.S.S.T, are happy to announce another addition to our string of educational institutions – RV School. Started in the year 2016-17, RV School aspires to be the best school in Bangalore for imparting quality education to the future citizens of the country and to ensure the holistic development of every student from montessori to high school.

Our students learn necessary concepts and skills which allows them to interact socially, academically and emotionally.  It is well said that, “There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs”.  Accordingly, our school gives due importance to personal awareness, language development, cognitive development, fine motor development, grass motor development, nurturing individual abilities and social emotional development.

At RV School, we offer a course of holistic development not only for the normal children from LKG to 10th standard, but also for hearing impaired children, so that they may develop competent communication skills. Oral approaches and teaching methodologies are adopted, and these young children are prepared to go out and face the world, confidently.